Vipul Shah

Vipul Shah


Vipul Shah launched his eponymous label in the summer of 2010, with a philosophy of encompassing modern luxury and versatile glamour with the rich legacy of Indian textiles. Born into a family that has made the preservation of antique Indian handicrafts their life’s work, for Vipul appreciating the intricacies of traditional Indian handicrafts is second nature.

Ever since he was a child, he desired to add to the legacy of his ancestors work and passion, but in his own signature style. A style that developed over the years, as Vipul traversed through the globe, looking for inspiration. And sometimes all the inspiration you really need, is just a fresh perspective. As luck would have it, Vipul came back home after completing his Post Graduation in Business at BIRMINGHAM , UK and found that everything he was looking for, was always right at home.

Amidst the antique treasures of his emporium, he discovered erstwhile textiles, preserved over three generations. He decided to make the most of this wondrous heirloom, creating his first collection of bohemian bags. One that married his global world-view, with the technical mastery of his ancestors.

Vipul Shah bags is synonymous with bohemian luxury that’s truly one-of-a-kind. But more importantly, it is an endevour to preserve and sustain a very special tradition in the histroy of Indian handicrafts. Each bag is made from a very unique fabric, one that has been handed down over the ages. With bespoke hand – sewn embroidery, tradionally made by a mother for a daughter as a gift on her wedding day. It’s this gift, that has become Vipul ‘ s design canvas. Helping him create carryalls that truly tell the story of Indian tapestry and craftsmanship unlike any other.

Each design expertly pieces together fabrics from vintage choli dresses, dowry pouches, wedding sashes, wall hangings and antique tribal costumes dating as far back as the 19th century, that have been pain-stakenly collected from places such as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Lavishly embroidered, with light-catching coins, tassels and intricate bead – work, Vipul has mastered Indo-Gypsy fusion with flair.

Today, his designs have travelled to the far corners of the world, taking with them this history of Indian tradition, wherever they go. His pieces have captured the imagination of fashion front – runners around the world including – Nicole Scherzinger , Judi Dench, Angela Missoni, Freida Pinto, Sarah Burton, Neeta Lulla, Nishka Lulla, Falguni Peacock among others. His bags are a street-style staple in metropolitans like London, New York and Mexico.

Over the years, Vipul has expanded his designs to create a truly versatile collection from hobos to ipad cases, clutches, laptop bags, fringe bags and ruck sacks. For Vipul, design is an organic process, one that grows intuitely each day, as he experiments with new forms that highlight the beauty of his fabrics. And while new creations make their way into each passing collection, one thing always remain the same – the depth and detail of a Vipul Shah Bag. One that reflects a mother’s love for her daughter. This legacy will always be the hallmark of every Vipul Shah design.